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Operating in a responsible and sustainable manner is important to Roberts Group. While we run our business in line with the expectations of diverse global stakeholders, we also see corporate responsibility as a discipline that helps us manage risks and maximize on the opportunities available to us in a changing world. Our core business principles are intended to provide a framework for the governance of Roberts Group and adherence to our policies and related operating procedures is the responsibility of every Roberts Group Employee.

We are committed to understanding, monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to building a more inclusive and sustainable world, aligned to the UN global goals for sustainable development This commitment is deeply ingrained in our core values and we aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through the Roberts Group Foundation and within our corporate policies.

At Roberts Group, we define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as follows:

  • Conducting business in a socially responsible and ethical manner
  • Supporting the education of young people
  • Respecting and supporting the communities and cultures within which we work
  • Being a climate positive organisation
  • Ensuring internal policies and procedures are there to maximise the employee experience and involvement in the future of Roberts Group

In alignment with Corporate Policies, Roberts Group will ensure that all matters of CSR are considered and supported in our operations and administrative matters and are consistent with our stakeholders’ best interests.

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