Leading a culture of cloud change… for accelerated growth


Leading a culture of cloud change… for accelerated growth

Cloud is providing massive opportunities – and companies are becoming increasingly aware of the fact. Over 90% of businesses utilise the cloud and data is moving from on-premise servers onto the cloud, allowing for accessibility anywhere, anytime and by anyone (with the right security settings…)

The promise of the cloud is vast – with greater insights, innovation, mobility, and collaboration…. 80% of companies report operational improvements within the first few months of adopting cloud technology. But the best organisations realise that to reap the full benefits of cloud, there needs to be as much focus on the culture as there is on the technology.

Establishing Cloud Culture

To help accelerate cloud adoption and transform the organisation it is imperative to have the right cloud culture – and these are some of the key areas to consider.

1. Culture and Behaviour – ‘Set the Tone’

Define the culture and behaviours essential for transitioning to –and making the most from the cloud. A more agile and fluid way of working should be prevalent across the organisation making it faster and easier to make decisions. Allowing ideas to be collaborated on together rather than ‘final reviews with red pens’ is essential to give teams the confidence to share work as it progresses.

2. Establish the Right Organisation

Cross functional teams need to be set up to deliver business outcomes rather than siloed teams delivering a functional task. Teams should be project based and results measured and encouraged to collaborate and iterate on work regularly using the right cloud based tools as support.

3. Provide Employee Education and Support

Education on cloud is often overlooked but ensuring employees are trained and confident in the new tools and ways of working is essential to creating a positive cloud culture in the new organisation. Training can come in many forms from in app guidance on cloud tools through to watch and learn coaching sessions. Whatever form it takes, training the workforce to a base level of competency remains critical.

4. Role of Leaders in Cloud Culture

As is so often the case, leaders need to embody the change to cloud and lead from the front.

Simple initiatives such as clear communication, using the technology in their daily work and advocating continued use of the cloud technology will all help teams to buy into the change.

In Conclusion

The cloud is no longer just an additive to business operations – it is the foundation on which the business is based. Having shiny new technology helps… but in itself, it is not enough – the cloud first culture must permeate all corners of the organization and helping people transition to a new culture and way of working is just as important as releasing the technology itself. After all, “Culture isn’t just one aspect of the game; it is the game.” – Lou Gerstner, ex CEO of IBM

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